In a few words

  • CloudGate Universe allows Option to support its partners by providing the easiest and  most cost effective deployment mechanism for their solutions.

  • A provisioning system dedicated to delivering Option and third party software and product configuration to CloudGate.

  • A repository for user and developer documentation.

  • Registering with a developer account on CloudGate Universe allows developers to upload software images to be delivered to their customer’s devices, independently of Option.

  • Part of CloudGate product. No yearly fees. No competition with system integrator or software developer services and products.


What are the benefits?

  • CloudGate Universe is a cloud-based service operated by Option.

  • Allows off the shelf devices (CloudGate) to be provisioned with:
  •    – Router Firmware

       – Radio Firmware

       – Custom Configurations

       – Custom Software

  • Installation technician does not have to configure product in any way, provisioning occurs automatically when the device connects to the internet for the first time.

  • The service is included as part of the base product and is unique in the industry.

What makes it different?

  • Reduce stock in channel. Only one hardware variant needs to be in stock. Software is deployed automatically. Reduces supply chain cost.

  • Put the power in the hands of the system integrators – Lots of opportunity for efficient delivery of added value without requiring support from Option.

  • Backed by a company with 20 years of experience in wireless technologies that has shipped over 14 Million 3G devices.
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